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Venom #1



  • Michael Taylor

    No worries, I was in the same boat a few years ago.  The CGC Yellow label means the signature was witnessed and encapsulated with a grade of 9.8 by CGC (pretty much the best grade you can get, there are 9.9s and 10s of some issues, but they are extremely rare), there is also the standard blue label that means unsigned.  This for me typically is a better option because people can't forge COAs for these (or at least its insanely difficult) and they hold their value better.  The other option you listed is a "raw" book (which means its ungraded and not encapsulated in hard plastic) but come with a COA from Unknown (who has a great rep).  In the end it's a matter of preference, some people can't stand encapsulated books, but both options you are looking at are signed.


  • Drew Elliott

    Really appreciate the response. I understand now. Thank you kindly!


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