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Unfilled shipmewnt



  • Ryan Cuthriell

    Ditto. I ordered Nov. 22 for early January releases. I haven't received a thing yet. 

  • Ty Channin

    Same here. I've been waiting over a month!!!!

  • Lisa Y.

    I'm still waiting for my order placed on Dec 30.

    Update: Order received on Feb 8.

  • Daniel Fernandez

    I am also wondering when my order will ship. Please let us know.

  • Scott F

    I have sent a couple of emails regarding order number:  #252465

    It was ordered on March 26, 2022; however, the order is still "Unfulfilled!"

    The item was suppose to ship in December 2022.  Can you please contact me or just refund the order - at this time I do not want the item since next month will mark a year since it was ordered.

  • larrylindi

    Huge order placed on Feb 24th from warehouse clearance as well and it says it shipped but it's just pre-ship track number. Order #299066
    Has anyone on here had any luck getting any resolution?

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Hey larry, so my order eventually got to me. You can contact them via email.
    They got back to me from monday-friday.


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